go card is your electronic ticket to travel seamlessly on all TransLink bus, train (including Airtrain), ferry and tram services in Brisbane, Ipswich, Redlands, Logan, Moreton Bay, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. At present go card does not operate in Cairns, Mackay or Toowoomba areas. 

It's simple to use. All you need to do is top-up your card, touch on at the start of your journey and touch off at the end – easy!

And it comes with many great benefits:

  • Your fare is automatically calculated and deducted from your card balance, there's no need to worry about transfers, off-peak or frequent user travel discounts.
  • It's cheaper than the cost of a paper ticket and there's a few ways to save when you travel with go card.
  • Register your go card online to view your travel history, top-up your card and protect your travel credit if it's lost or stolen.
  • See Brisbane City in a whole new way when you use your go card to hire a CityCycle.

Get your go card today!

Select your go card

go card is available for adults, children, and eligible seniors and concession card holders.

Children, seniors and concession go card holders travel at 50% of the normal adult fares.

If you are a tertiary student, job seeker, or asylym seeker you need to buy an adult go card  and apply for concessions fares to be activated on your card.

We also have tickets for tourists and visitors and for business.


15 years and over
tertiary students, job seekers and asylum seekers



5 - 14 years old (inclusive)


Current Australian Senior Card holders
Choose a Senior go card or Seniors Card +go

Ready to travel?

Touch your go card on at an electronic card reader each time you start and finish your trip. The card reader will display your go card balance.

When you touch-off your fare is automatically deducted from your card balance, and displayed along with your remaining balance. 

Remember, if you forget to touch on or off, you may be charged a fixed fare at the end of your trip.

Our go card user guide gives you everything you need to know how on how use and maintain your go card.

Card reader sounds and lights

The sound and lights will be different depending on your type of card.

The card reader will give:

  • a green light and one beep for adult cards
  • an amber light and two beeps for children, seniors and concession cards.

Getting a red light or a cross? Try again, or try touching another card reader.

Register your go card

There's many great benefits when you register your go card online:

  • top-up your card online and over the phone
  • set up auto top-up to always have travel credit on your card
  • protect the money loaded onto your card if it's lost or stolen
  • check your balance and transaction history
  • request a refund or a balance transfer
  • check your expiry date.

All go cards have an expiry date set on them when they are sold. This date varies depending on the type of go card. To continue using your card, you need to update the expiry date within 90 days.

Check your expiry date via your online go card account (registered cards only) or at your local retailer

Expiry dates for go cards 

Update your expiry date

  • If it's been less than 90 days since your card expired, visit your local retailer and ask to update your expiry date.  
  • If more than 90 days has passed since you're card expired, you'll need to buy a new go card to travel. You can then transfer the balance and refundable deposit from your old card. 

Concession card holders:

  • Concession card holders need to present a valid concession ID to update their go card expiry date.
  • If you bought your concession go card online, you'll do need to update your expiry date at a retailer within 14 days of purchase.

Dormant cards

If you don't use your go card for five (5) years,  your card becomes dormant and you'll no longer be able to use the card to travel.

You can still apply for a refund for any unused credit on your and card and the refundable deposit.


Your go card travel credit won't expire.

If you don't use your go card for five (5) years your card will become dormant and you'll no longer be able to use the card to travel.

You can still apply for a refund for any unused credit on your card.


If you top-up your go card online, via auto top-up or over the phone and you don't touch on within 60 days, the top-up will be reversed and the money will be returned to your credit or debit card.

Your current go card balance is displayed on the go card reader each time you touch on or off to travel.

You can also check your balance online or at your local retailer.

If you've been overcharged, you can report an incorrect fare and apply to have your go card balance adjusted within 8 weeks of the date of error.

Request an adjustment online via your go card account or call 13 12 30.

Balance adjustments are usually processed withint 48 hours.

If your request has been successful, you'll see the change to your card balance when you touch your go card to a reader, or you can check your transaction history online.

You can get a refund on any unused go card travel credit and deposit less any outstanding fares, fees and charges. You must surrender your go card and it will be cancelled.

Refund options:

  • Refund direct to your bank - complete the go card guide to balance transfers and refunds form (PDF, 300KB)
    You'll need to use this option if any of these apply:
    • there is more than $50 on your go card 
    • you did your last top-up online, via auto-top or over the phone
    • your go card expired more than 90 days ago
    • you haven't used your card for more than 5 years (dormant cards).
  • Cash or EFTPOS refund - visit selected go card retailers
    You can use this option if you card balance is $50 or less and you did your last to-up at a retailer or fare machine.

Refunds are given in Australian dollars only, and electronic funds transfer (EFT) refunds are to Australia bank accounts only.

Check your expiry date and balance online(registered cards only);or visit your local retailer.

You can transfer your balance and refundable deposit from your old card to your new card if both cards are registered.

Customers who not wish to register their go card should apply for a go card refund.

Balance transfer options:

Balance transfers are usually completed within 10 business days.

If your go card is registered and you either lose it or it's stolen, call us on 13 12 30 immediately and we'll block it so it can't be used.

If you buy a new card, you can then transfer the balance from your old card to your new card.

Register your go card today for peace of mind.

If you're unable to touch on or off first check:

  • you are touching your go card flat to the card reader
  • nothing is interfering with your card —sometimes the card won't read properly if it's touching another card in your wallet or purse
  • for any marks, scratches or holes —these may have damaged the card and prevent it from working.

If you're card still isnt' working it may be damaged or faulty and you'll need to buy a new go card. You can then transfer the balance and refundable deposit from your old card to your new card. 

There are third party applications on the internet and for mobile phones that display go card account balances and other go card information.

TransLink doesn't endorse these products. Customers who provide their go card details to non-TransLink third party applications or non-endorsed service providers are breaching the go card terms and conditions.

You can use your go card to access Brisbane City Council's public bike share scheme – CityCycle.

All charges and fees to use CityCycle are set by Brisbane City Council.

To link your go card or for more information visit the CityCycle website or call the CityCycle HOTLINE on 1300 229 253.