Eligible full-time university, TAFE and post-secondary student in Queensland, can apply to receive concession fares to help with the cost of public transport fares.

Important information

  • You will not start receiving concession fares until your application has been processed.
  • Refunds are not provided to students during the processing period carried out by the institution.
  • All student applications are classified as ‘awaiting verification’ until they are processed.
  • If you wish to follow up on the progress of your application, you can either log in to your go card account or contact your tertiary institution.

Continuing students: You don't need to apply for concession fares every year if your enrolment hasn't changed. However, if you've changed institutions or your enrolment status has changed then you may need to reapply.

If your circumstances have changed or your concession fares have been cancelled, please contact your tertiary institution to discuss your enrolment status.

Ticket options

South East Queensland: To travel on services (excluding Airtrain) in South East Queensland, you will need an adult go card and then apply to have concession fares activated on your card. Eligibility criteria is listed below.

Regional Queensland: To travel outside South East Queensland, you will need to apply for a regional concession sticker which then sticks onto your valid student ID. You will receive concession fares when travelling


You can apply for concession fares if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • live in Queensland
  • are enrolled in and attending a course:
  • are a full-time student enrolled on an internal basis:
    • as deemed by your university; or
    • at an institution other than a university in a course of study requiring attendance at classes (or unpaid practical requirements) for at least 12 hours per week for a minimum course duration of 12 weeks.

You must carry a current approved photo ID at all times when travelling on concession fares.

South East Queensland

  1. Purchase an adult go card (tertiary students cannot travel on a green secondary student go card)
  2. Register your go card and log in to your account. Select the 'My Details' tab to submit your application.
  3. You can apply online without registering your go card, however we recommend registering your go card to protect your balance if your card is ever lost or stolen.

Once you have applied:

  • We will let you know by SMS or email if you are eligible within 14 days.
  • If you are eligible, concession fares will be activated on your go card when you next touch on.
  • If you are not eligible, you will need to travel on adult fares.

Also want to travel on concession fares in regional Queensland? Call us on 13 12 30 to apply for a tertiary concession sticker to be posted to you. You'll need concession fares applied to your go card to be eligible for regional travel.

Regional Queensland

  1. Obtain a current student ID from your institution
  2. Download and complete a concession sticker application form and present it to your institution.

Once you have applied:

  • If you are eligible, your institution will apply a regional concession sticker to your ID.
  • If you are not eligible, you will need to travel on adult fares.

Also want to travel on concession fares in South East Queensland? Buy an adult go card online and when your receive your card, call us on 13 12 30 to apply for concession fares.

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