Creating Better Connections

Our 10-year plan for passenger transport in Queensland.

Public transport planning

The Public Transport Infrastructure Manual is relevant to developers of public transport infrastructure, and those planning public transport provision or undertaking development assessment.

It applies best practice planning and design principles to public transport infrastructure, helps with evaluating existing facilities and should be used as a design tool when developing new infrastructure within the Translink network.

To assist businesses to prepare design documents for infrastructure signage across the Translink network, we have prepared the:

These manuals ensure the presentation and location of signage is accessible and consistent across the Translink bus and train network.

If you are unable to access any infrastructure manuals, please contact us.

Public transport performance dashboard

A digital resource that brings more access and visibility of the performance on the South East Queensland public transport network, including 24 metrics from the Customer Experience Survey.

Patronage and complaints

Weekly complaints received and categorised as either go card or non-go card related, including passenger volumes and complaints per 10,000 trips.

go card fare adjustment report

Weekly report of go card fare adjustments processed, including:

  • total number of trips taken
  • total adjustments processed
  • adjustments per 10,000 trips
  • fixed fares percentage of all trips.

Right to information

The Queensland Government has made a commitment to provide access to information held by the Government.

Annual and quarterly reports

​Translink stopped producing a separate annual report in 2013 when it became part of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Translink also stopped producing the Translink Tracker quarterly reports in October 2019. The reports have been replaced with the Translink PT Performance Dashboard.