Customer Experience Survey - 2019 pilot

TransLink is running a pilot project for a new Customer Experience survey, from January 2019. If you have a go card, have ‘opted in’ to receive information from us and have travelled recently, you may be chosen at random to receive an invitation to participate.

Customer surveys are undertaken all year round, to gather information about the network and customer’s experiences. This helps us understand customer expectations and inform services, passenger information, and ticketing.

You may receive an email, text message or phone call (if you are a regional customer or use a paper ticket or flash pass) be approached at a stop or station to answer questions about your experiences on public transport. The questions will be based on a recent trip you have taken.

The survey is undertaken by an independent market research company, and is being trialled in conjunction with our regular research during the first few months of 2019. Results of the surveys, and more information about how this impacts regular reporting, will be published once the pilot phase is complete.

If you haven't ever registered your go card, and would like the opportunity to participate in the survey at random, you can register it here

Public transport reports

As part of the Queensland Government's commitment to providing greater public access to government information, some of the key reports about public transport are published here:

Right to Information

Right to Information requests are managed by the Right to Information, Privacy and Complaints Management team.

Annual and quarterly reports

​TransLink stopped producing a separate annual report in 2013 when it became part of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Public transport planning

Public Transport Infrastructure Manual

The Public Transport Infrastructure Manual is relevant to developers of public transport infrastructure, and those planning public transport provision or undertaking development assessment.

It applies best practice planning and design principles to public transport infrastructure, helps with evaluating existing facilities and should be used as a design tool when developing new infrastructure within the TransLink network.

Infrastructure Signage Manuals

To assist businesses to prepare design documents for infrastructure signage across the TransLink network, we have prepared the: 

These manuals ensure the presentation and location of signage is accessible and consistent across the TransLink bus and rail network.

If you are unable to access any infrastructure manuals, please contact us.