Passenger safety is one of our main priorities.

We're able to maintain safety across the network with help from:

Queensland Rail Authorised Officers, Network Officers and Senior Network Officers

Queensland Rail Authorised Officers, Network Officers and Senior Network Officers patrol the Translink network. They're dedicated to decreasing fare evasion and encouraging positive travel behaviour on our network.

They have the authority to:

  • ask you to show your ticket and, if applicable, your concession ID
  • issue on-the-spot fines for ticket and behaviour offences
  • request proof of name, age and address
  • remove anyone who is a nuisance or danger to fellow passengers.

Safety officers and guards

Various staff ensure passenger safety across our network, including:

  • busway safety officers who patrol busways 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • guards patrolling designated train services and train carriages (check your train timetable for guardian train information)
  • accessible staff on all CityCats and ferries
  • customer service staff on some buses, trams and at tram stations during the day and weekend night trams. 
  • network officers can be found on Translink urban and school bus services operated by Kinetic Sunshine Coast, Kangaroo Bus Lines (Moreton Bay), Kinetic Gold Coast, Clarks (Logan), Hornibrook Bus Lines (Redcliffe), Caboolture Bus Lines, and Transdev; and in the regions of Cairns and Townsville.

Help phones/buttons

These facilities are available:

  • on busway station platforms
  • inside all trains
  • at train stations in the core safety zone*
  • at tram stations
  • at the University of Queensland terminal.

Security cameras—closed-circuit televisions (CCTV)

Security cameras operate:

  • at busway stations
  • to monitor trains and stations*
  • on all CityCats
  • on all trams and at every tram station.

* Core safety zones are designated areas at train stations. These areas have enhanced lighting and emergency phones. They are clearly marked with a blue and white striped line behind the yellow safety line.

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