TransLink is committed to the Queensland Government's open data revolution which promotes innovation and transparency.

We share our timing and scheduling data with developers who create innovative tools for our customers. This is the same data we use in journey planner and MyTransLink app.

Getting involved

If you are interested in using our data, join the TransLink Australia Google Group. Please read the terms and conditions before you get started.

TransLink data in action

A number of mobile and web applications use our open data.

App Developer Operating system
MyTransLink TransLink iOS and Android
TransitTimes+ Zervass Enterprises iOS and Android
Go Brisbane OAK Systems Enterprise iOS and Android
Triptastic AppJourney iOS
Brisbane Bus Smart Code Works iOS and Android
NextThere AppJourney iOS
Arrivo Brisbane SEQ Lite TripMate Android
Google Maps Google Web

Search your device's app store for additional products using our data.

Data resources

You can use schedule data for your website, feed reader or mobile app. We provide a transit information in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format.

The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) defines a common format for public transport schedules and associated geographic information.


Used in conjunction with the GTFS files, we provide real-time information for our network in GTFS real-time format. The feed covers bus, train, ferry and tram services in South East Queensland.

Documentation (production) Connect (production)

On 31 January 2017 TransLink shut down the OPIA (Online Passenger Information Application) API, which provided access to journey planning and schedule information, in favour of our GTFS and GTFS-RT feeds.

Our GTFS feeds offer an number of advantages compared to OPIA API:

  • greater network coverage
  • a mechanism for integrating our-real time data
  • greater capabilities for network analysis
  • enables developers to build their own journey planning algorithims or utilise off the shelf solutions.

TransLink is no longer accepting new OPIA API developers. Existing customers should migrate to the GTFS/GTFS-RT feeds.

Location data for where customers can buy and top up their go=i> card.

Download (CSV, 128KB)

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