Taxis operate in South East Queensland and larger Queensland towns. You can book taxis in advance, hail one on the street or catch one from a designated taxi rank.

Wheelchair accessible taxis are available across South East Queensland and many regional centres. In addition, Translink provides secure taxi ranks in popular nightlife precincts.


Taxi fares are determined by the area where the taxi operates. These areas are South East Queensland, regional Queensland and rural Queensland.

For more information, visit the taxi fares, service areas and maps page.

Maximum fares

Maximum fares apply when you catch a taxi from a designated rank or hail one on the street. Maximum fares only apply to booked hire taxi services when you:

  • are a member of the Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS), or
  • require a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) while using a wheelchair.

For more information, refer to the Queensland Government Gazette (PDF).

Fare negotiation

Before your trip begins, if you ask for a fare estimate, it must be provided. You can negotiate your fare to decide on an agreed amount. If you don't agree, or the driver won't negotiate, you can choose another form of transport.

Taxi Subsidy Scheme

The Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) provides an affordable and accessible transport option for people with a disability who experience profound difficulties using other modes of public passenger transport.

Secure taxi ranks

Secure taxi ranks operate in high demand areas on Friday and Saturday nights, and for some special events. For your safety, and to assist with people movement, they are staffed by taxi rank marshals and security guards and monitored by CCTV.


Your rights and responsibilities


As a passenger, you are entitled to:

  • choose the route to your destination
  • request a fare estimate before the trip starts and then negotiate your fare
  • be charged the correct fare and receive the correct change
  • not be charged a booking fee if you hail a taxi or enter a taxi waiting at a rank
  • travel in a vehicle that adequately provides for your safety and comfort
  • request an itemised receipt
  • request assistance to board or leave a taxi
  • request assistance to load and unload luggage (not excessive in weight)
  • be accompanied by an assistance animal if required in a taxi
  • use an accessible taxi if needed.


As a passenger, you are required to:

  • pay the correct fare (including any tolls or fees for booking, vehicle access and soiling)
  • wear a seatbelt and make sure children are properly restrained
  • behave well and not cause disturbance or nuisance while travelling
  • not eat, drink or smoke inside the taxi
  • not wilfully or unlawfully damage, deface or interfere with the taxi or its service equipment
  • not ask the driver to speed or break any road rules or laws.

For more rights and responsibilities, visit the taxi service standards page


If you:

  • are looking for property lost in a taxi
  • have feedback about a taxi service
  • want to lodge a complaint about a taxi service (for example the driver was rude, overcharging, or not knowing where they were going),

the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) recommends that you contact the service provider (the taxi company or booking service) in the first instance. Some taxi services allow you to report drivers via their app, even if you're not a passenger.

More information about how to resolve a personalised transport complaint.

If you witness any dangerous driving by any personalised transport services (including taxis), you can report the incident to the Queensland Police Service by phoning 13 HOON (13 46 66) or lodging an online form.

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