On demand transport is a new way to think about public transport.

Traditional public transport services only operate in areas with enough population to sustain them. These services run to strict timetables and to set routes.

For smaller and more remote communities, on demand transport can fill the gaps left by traditional services with:

  • more flexible timetables
  • use of smaller vehicles
  • the ability to pre-book your travel
  • flexible travel routes
  • affordable fares.

Because on demand transport is a new concept, many of these services are still considered 'trials'. This means they may change or be removed in the future. Additionally, the way each service operates, including travel times, routes and booking systems, varies between different operators and regions.

Other community and council transport

Community transport is also available to help people with a disability travel for shopping and social activities, as well as medical appointments.

Some council's also offer low-cost community or personalised transport options, contact your local council to find out what services might be available for you.