On demand transport is a new way to think about public transport.

It's a flexible, shared and pre-booked service that connects you to the wider public transport network as well as shopping, healthcare and employment.

On demand services usually operate within a roam zone - a selected area in which the service can pick you up and drop you off - and in some cases also include a fixed route portion of travel.

It's easy to use

  • You register and book your trip in advance - each region is slightly different so check the region-specific information below.
  • We find other people in your area who want to travel at the same time.
  • We pick you all up near your homes.
  • Fares are paid on board the service.
  • We drop you off at your chosen community location, in time to make your appointment or catch your connecting bus, train or tram.

Each on demand service is designed to meet the needs of its community. For this reason, services (travel times, routes, booking systems) vary between regions.

You'll note that many of our on demand services are still in trial. This means the services may change or be removed in the future.

Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know what you think about your local service, what you like about it, what could be improved, or anything else you would like to share about your experience - send us your questions or comments on our feedback form.

Other community and council transport

Community transport is also available to help people with a disability travel for shopping and social activities, as well as medical appointments.

Some councils also offer low-cost community or personalised transport options, contact your local council to find out what services might be available for you.