A concession fare is 50 percent cheaper than an adult fare and some concession card holders are eligible for free travel on Translink and qconnect, and regional ferry services.

The following groups can travel on a 50 percent concession fare: (please check for eligibility and conditions of travel)

  • Children (5-14 years and using a child go card )
  • Secondary students (15+ years and using a green concession go card)
  • Pensioner and seniors (using a concession or senior go card)
  • Tertiary/post-secondary students (using an adult go card)
  • Job seekers (using an adult go card or apply for a regional concession card)
  • Asylum seekers (using an adult go card)

If you have one of the following cards you will receive free travel: (please check for eligibility and conditions of travel)

  • TPI/EDA Veteran Travel card
  • Vision Impairment Travel Pass
  • Translink Access Pass
  • go access Travel Trainer card

Free travel is also provided to one companion or carer travelling with a Companion Card holder. The cardholder must have a valid ticket for travel.

You can travel on a concession fare if you hold one of the approved concession cards for:

You must carry your proof of concession entitlement with you at all times and show it to the driver or authorised person when asked.

Children aged 4 years and under can also travel for free.

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