When travelling with TransLink, you can use:

  • buses across the entire network
  • trains in South East Queensland
  • ferries in Brisbane and some ferries in Moreton Bay, and
  • trams—known as the G:link—on the Gold Coast.

You can travel on most of our services using your go card, other than in Cairns, Mackay and Toowoomba.

If you don't have a go card, paper tickets are valid for travel on most buses, and all train, ferry and tram services. 

Our busways offer fast congestion-free travel on dedicated roadways. We also have a number of special services:

  • Pre-paid services: Some bus routes around Brisbane offer a pre-paid service. Most of the pre-paid services only operate in peak times.
    Paper tickets cannot be bought on pre-paid services, but they can be used to travel on these services.
    For passengers without a valid ticket, there will be at least one alternative bus for you to travel on.
    You can identify peak time pre-paid buses by the letter 'P', in front of the route number, on the bus's destination board.
  • Blue CityGlider and Maroon CityGlider: CityGlider is a pre-paid bus service that operates as a high frequency service throughout the day. These services do not have a 'P' on the bus's destination board.
  • High frequency services: TransLink operate high frequency services on trams, and some bus routes and train lines. Our high frequency services run every 15 minutes or better.
  • NightLink services: Bus and train services operating between midnight and 5am on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Community services: Free and low-cost transport options are available to help people with a disability travel to and from appointments and various activities.
    FlexiLink: A maxi cab service operating in Ipswich and surrounding suburbs. Passengers are picked from their home and driven to any location within the service area.

Non-translink services

Non-TransLink operators provide services within our service area, but they have different tickets, fares and conditions.

You cannot use a TransLink go card or ticket on these services.

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