Start exploring for $10 a day


Explore breathtaking beaches, wildife, theme parks and award winning dining on the Gold Coast and now, the Sunshine Coast.

The go explore card offers visitors and tourists freedom, flexibility and value for money!

  • only $10 a day for unlimited travel
  • no need to carry cash on your journeys
  • reload up to eight day passes on your card
  • travel on non-consecutive days.

Buy at a retailer

Unlimited travel across the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast!

About go explore

go explore is your electronic ticket to discover the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Enjoy unlimited travel on any Translink:

  • Gold Coast bus or tram service
  • Sunshine Coast bus service

It costs just $10 a day and $5 for children (aged 5-14 years inclusive). Children under 5 years travel free.

Want to know more? Visit our go explore fast facts.

Using go explore

You can now use your go explore card on Translink buses on the Sunshine Coast, as well as on trams and Translink buses across the Gold Coast.

Buy your card and load up to 8 day passes. You do not have to travel on consecutive days.

Simply tap your card to a validator at the start of your journey and tap off as you exit each bus or tram service.

Conditions of use

Check out our go explore guides:

Buy go explore

Buy your go explore card from:

  • selected retailers on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast
  • selected hotel booking desks
  • Gold Coast Translink Info kiosks
  • Gold Coast Airport
  • Airtrain booking windows.

Reload extra day passes at selected retailers.

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