Buying tickets

go card can be purchased from a range of locations, including:

Visitor travel cards, go seeQ and go explore, can also be purchased online.

Paper tickets can be bought:

  • from a ticket office at train stations during opening hours
  • from a fare machine at a busway, train or tram station
  • at major interchanges.

Services in South East Queensland are currently cashless. If you are paying with cash, you will need to purchase a ticket before boarding your service.

Even if you are an infrequent public transport user, go card is a cheaper, easier and more convenient travel option.

How to use a fare machine

Fare machines are available at selected busway, train and tram stations.

You can:

  • buy an adult go card at a busway and tram station fare machine
  • top up your go card at any fare machine
  • buy paper tickets at any fare machine.

Please use correct money where possible. Change will be given as coins up to the value of $19.90.

Sometimes a fare machine is unable to give the correct change because it has run out of coins or there is a problem with the machine. If you don't receive the correct change and you have the original refund claim receipt, you can claim a refund.


go card refunds

You can get a refund on any unused go card travel credit and deposit.

Refunds can be issued one of two ways:

When an unused travel credit refund is issued, your go card must be surrendered and it will be cancelled.

If you have been charged an incorrect fare on your go card, you can apply for a balance adjustment.

For full details about go card refunds, please read our guide to balance transfers and refunds (PDF 165KB).

Smart Ticketing refunds

If you are participating in the Smart Ticketing trial and require a refund where you have paid for your fare with a Mastercard or American Express card, smartphone or smart watch, please call us on 13 12 30.

Fare machine refunds

If you bought a paper ticket from a fare machine and did not receive the correct change, you can:

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