You can make a journey—and pay one fare—by combining two or more shorter trips if you follow the go card or paper ticket transfer rules.

go card transfer rules

Use your go card to touch on and off for each trip. Our system will automatically combine your trips into a single fare.

Train-to-train transfers only need to be touched off at the end of the journey.

  • One-hour time limit between transfers
  • Maximum of 3 transfers per journey
  • Total journey length must be shorter than 6 hours
  • Final trip must start within 3.5 hours of first trip

Paper ticket transfer rules

  • Unlimited transfers within 2 hours (3.5 hours if travelling more than 4 zones)
  • You must start your final trip before the printed expiry time
  • Returning to your initial departure destination is not permitted—you must purchase another paper ticket to do this

Follow these tips for a safe and enjoyable journey when using public transport in South East Queensland.

  • Have your go card, seeQ card or valid paper ticket ready before boarding. If you’re buying a paper ticket on board, please have the correct fare ready.
  • Always give way to passengers leaving a service.
  • Offer your seat to passengers with special needs, such as seniors, people with a disability, pregnant women and parents with small children.
  • Don't place your feet or bags on seats near you.
  • Keep doorways and aisles clear of bags and other obstructions.
  • Keep the volume of your personal music player at a reasonable level with earphones attached.
  • School students must vacate their seats if adults are standing.

TransLink advises passengers of the following guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for everyone.

  • Please have the correct change for ticket selling staff before boarding a bus or ferry.
  • Please do not talk to the driver of a public passenger vehicle while in transit.
  • Passengers must vacate their seats if sitting in an area designated for use by disabled or mobility-impaired persons when such a person enters a public transport vehicle.
  • Passengers are not to play musical instruments on a public passenger vehicle.
  • All sound equipment must be operated at a reasonable level with earphones attached, so as not to cause a disturbance to other passengers.
  • Passengers must not place feet on seats.
  • Passengers must not bring on to vehicles excessive amounts of luggage and occupy more than one seat because of said luggage.
  • Passengers must not put anything in the aisles of a public passenger vehicle that is likely to cause an obstruction or injury to someone.
  • School students are bound by the Department of Transport and Main Roads Code of Conduct when travelling on TransLink services.
  • School students must vacate seats if adults are standing.
  • An adult should hold a small child’s hand when boarding and exiting services.
  • Children must not stand on seats or climb on rails or handle bars.
  • Adults travelling with small children should be given priority seating on all TransLink services.

Please be aware of these extra safety measures when travelling with a pram or stroller.

You'll need to fold your pram or stroller and store it in the luggage rack if:

  • you are travelling during peak times
  • the bus driver advises that there is not enough space on board the bus to safely park the pram
  • it is not a wheelchair accessible bus
  • the designated wheelchair space in already occupied or it is required throughout the trip.

At all other times, you can travel with the child seated in the pram or stroller.

Please remember to:

  • park your pram or stroller in the designated wheelchair space with its brake on, and
  • ensure your child is secured in the pram or stroller harness.

Due to workplace health and safety concerns, TransLink staff are not required to assist in folding and loading prams or other large objects.

Special conditions apply if you want to take your bike on the bus, train, ferry or tram.

If your bike can be carried in a bag no bigger than 90cm x 70cm x 36cm, you can travel on any bus or tram, and certain train services.

You cannot travel with your bike on the train between the hours of:

  • 7am and 9.30am (travelling towards the city)
  • 3pm and 6.30pm (travelling away from the city).

Bikes can be brought on trains at any time on the weekend and public holidays.

Travelling with your bike on the CityCat is subject to space availability—you may not be able to travel on your desired service if there are other bikes occupying space.

You can take small non-motorised recreational scooters on any TransLink service.

When travelling on a bus, scooters should be folded (where possible) and stored in the luggage rack. Care should be taken to not block the aisle or doors.

You can take surfboards, golf bags and other large items on TransLink services that are equipped to do so. You may be refused travel or directed to use off-peak services if you have items which may inconvenience other passengers or pose a safety hazard.

Long surfboards cannot be carried on smaller Sunbus (Sunshine Coast) or Surfside (Gold Coast) buses.