Our services operate across 8 zones and cover Greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

All fares are based on the number of zones you travel in during your journey. Fare prices will vary depending on if you're travelling:

Single paper tickets can only be purchased from a station fare machine. They cannot be purchased onboard a bus or ferry in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands, Moreton Bay, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast networks.

Contactless payment using a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit or debit card or smart device for adult fares is currently available on trains, trams and Brisbane River ferries as part of Smart Ticketing customer trials.

Please note: Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland are not part of the South East Queensland fare network. 


Zones travelled go card/contactless go card/contactless off-peak Single paper ticket
1 $3.55 $2.84 $5.10
2 $4.34 $3.47 $6.30
3 $6.63 $5.30 $9.60
4 $8.72 $6.98 $12.60
5 $11.46 $9.17 $16.60
6 $14.55 $11.64 $21.10
7 $18.10 $14.48 $26.20
8 $21.48 $17.18 $31.10
Zones travelled go card go card off-peak Single paper ticket
1 $1.78 $1.42 $2.60
2 $2.17 $1.74 $3.10
3 $3.32 $2.65 $4.80
4 $4.36 $3.49 $6.30
5 $5.73 $4.58 $8.30
6 $7.28 $5.82 $10.50
7 $9.05 $7.24 $13.10
8 $10.74 $8.59 $15.60

Learn more about the types of concession fares available.

To calculate your fare, look at all the zones you travel in during your journey. Subtract the lowest zone from the highest zone and add 1. This will determine the number of zones you will be charged for.

In South East Queensland, the zones start from zone 1 in Brisbane City.

Fare example

  • If you are travelling between Ipswich (zone 3) and Fortitude Valley (zone 1), you would pay a 3-zone fare because you are travelling in zones 3, 2 and 1, which is (3-1)+1 = 3 zones.

Zone boundaries

Some bus stops and train stations are located on a zone boundary, so they have 2 zone numbers (for example, Lawnton is zone 2/3).

This means when you travel on the Brisbane side of the station, you use the lower zone number to calculate your fare.

When you travel on the Caboolture side of the station, you use the higher zone number.

Services in South East Queensland will only accept pre-paid paper tickets.

Things to remember when travelling using a paper ticket:

  • you cannot purchase a paper ticket onboard any service including bus, train, tram or ferry
  • it is a single one way ticket which includes a 2 hour transfer window, or 3.5 hours if travelling more than 4 zones
  • you must start your final trip before the printed expiry time
  • paper tickets are non-refundable.

Paper tickets can be purchased from:

  • a ticket office at train stations during opening hours
  • fare machines at a busway, train or tram station and major interchanges.

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