With our transfer options, you can combine two or more smaller trips into one overall journey, with one fare.

go card transfer rules

Use your go card to touch on and off for each trip. Our system will automatically combine your trips into a single fare.

Train-to-train transfers only need to be touched off at the end of the journey.

  • One-hour time limit between transfers
  • Maximum of 3 transfers per journey
  • Total journey length must be shorter than 6 hours
  • Final trip must start within 3.5 hours of first trip

Paper ticket transfer rules

  • Unlimited transfers within 2 hours (3.5 hours if travelling more than 4 zones—SEQ only)
  • You must start your final trip before the printed expiry time
  • Returning to your initial departure destination is not permitted—you must purchase another paper ticket to do this

Please note, Sunshine Coast Hinterland is not part of the South East Queensland fare network. Separate tickets are needed if you are travelling in both regions. 

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