Smart Ticketing is now available for travel between all G:link, Queensland Rail (SEQ) and Airtrain stations

As a part of the trial, you can tap on and off using a Visa, Mastercard or American Express contactless debit or credit card, smartphone, smart watch or smart device to pay the same adult go card fare. Don’t worry, you can still use go cards on Smart Ticketing equipment.

If you travel on a concession fare, or transfer to a bus or ferry, please continue to use your go card or purchase a paper ticket for now. And yes, Smart Ticketing will be available for concession fares once the system is fully rolled out.

We are progressively trialling new ways for you to pay for your travel across Queensland. 

You will start to see new Smart Ticketing equipment wrapped in The Connecting Thread artwork, popping up on buses and ferries next. This equipment is currently activated for go card use only but is making way for new ways to pay coming very soon! To find out which bus services are currently trialling new Smart Ticketing equipment, visit Queensland bus trials. 

How to use Smart Ticketing

Present one card or device per person.

Remember to tap on and tap off with the same card or device.

Need help? Call our friendly team on 13 12 30, anytime, any day.

Good to know

Same adult fare, same discounts

Smart Ticketing costs the exact same as using your go card for an adult fare and is 30% cheaper than buying a paper ticket.

You can also still receive your 8-journey discount when using Smart Ticketing. Just be sure to use the same payment method for all of your journeys.

Transferring transport modes

Smart Ticketing is now available across the entire Queensland Rail network, including Queensland Rail (SEQ) trains, G:link trams and Airtrain services.

If you need to transfer to a bus or ferry as part of your journey, please continue to tap on and off with your go card for now.

Keep using your go card on bus and ferry

If you spot the new Smart Ticketing equipment on your bus or ferry, please continue to tap on and off with your go card for now.

We're progressively installing Smart Ticketing equipment operator by operator, and new ways to pay are coming to buses and ferries soon.