Our on demand service in Hervey Bay is a great public transport alternative for customers within parts of Point Vernon, Pialba and Hervey Bay who want to travel in their local area. 

On demand transport offers:

  • flexibility for when and where you travel
  • an expanded roam zone area
  • extended operating hours
  • Hervey Bay Hospital as a new key location.

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It is essential you make a booking for the new on demand service to secure a seat and ensure you get picked up.

By making a booking, you can travel from the roam zone to eight key locations across Hervey Bay. 

The roam zone includes all of Point Vernon and parts of Pialba. We have expanded the roam zone to include Watson Street and Alice Stree, Pialba. 

The key locations you can travel are:

  • Stockland Shopping Centre
  • Bay Plaza
  • Hervey Bay RSL
  • Pialba Place
  • Melory Place
  • Fraser Shores
  • Hervey Bay Hospital
  • University and Library

Using the on demand service, you can travel:

  • from anywhere in the roam zone to one of these key locations
  • from a key location to anywhere in the roam zone
  • between two key locations. 

View the map.

On demand operates between 7.30am and 5.30pm from Monday to Saturday.

The service does not run on Sundays and public holidays.

Booking your on demand service is easy:

You can pre-book your on demand service by downloading the Translink On Demand app via the App Store or Google Play, using our online booking portal or by calling 13 12 30.

The Translink On Demand app allows you to easily:

  • pre-book your on demand service using your smartphone
  • track the arrival of your service with real-time notifications and an in-app map
  • pre-book your trip up to four weeks in advance with recurring bookings.

When you book, you'll be given a 30 minute window for the arrival of your service. The actual wait time will depend on how busy the service is and how many other customers have booked.

We'll notify you approximately five minutes before your service arrives to confirm your driver is nearby.

Pre-booking your ride is essential to ensure you get picked up. This includes your return journey.

Fares are calculated on the number of zones you travel through on your journey. The on demand service operates entirely in Hervey Bay's fare zone 6 therefore a single zone fare applies unless you're transferring.

Fares are paid in cash to the driver when you travel.

Single adult (1 zone): $2.40

Single concession (1 zone): $1.20

View all Hervey Bay fares.

We'd love to hear your feedback about the service.

Use our feedback form or call us on 13 12 30 to let us know what you think.

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