One of our most popular services in our city is Kan-go. Just a reminder on how the service works…

The Kan-go service is a partially demand-responsive service (roam zone) and a partially fixed-route service.

The fixed route is between the Range Shopping Centre, St Vincent's Hospital and Toowoomba City (Grand Central), and operates the same as any other bus service with designated stops and passengers can get on or off at any of these stops.

The roam zone allows passengers to be picked up at variable locations and dropped along the fixed route, or alternatively, picked up along the fixed route and dropped at variable locations. (Note it doesn't allow for pick up and drop off in the roam zone).

To register and book Kan-go services

To use Kan-go service in the roam zone you need to first register and book.

Contact the Kan-go booking team on 1800 231 248 (free call).

Remember, you need to book at least one hour before you travel and quote the trip number to book the Kan-go services.

Happy Kan-go-ing!