One of our most popular services in Toowomba is Kan-go.

The Kan-go service is a mix of fixed route and roam zone - picking you up and dropping you off when you need us to.

The roam zone allows passengers to be picked up at variable locations and dropped along the fixed route, or alternatively, picked up along the fixed route and dropped at variable locations. It doesn't allow for pick up and drop off in the roam zone.

Kan-go service travels a fixed route (solid green line on the timetable) between the City Centre and Range Shopping Centre via St Vincent's Hospital, then picks up and drops off pre-booked customers in Roam Zone A (dark grey) as close to your door as we Kan-go.

If you live in Roam Zone B (blue), the Kan-go booking team will advise you of the closest pickup/drop off point when you call to book your trip.

View the map in the Kan-go timetable.

Travel in the Kan-go roam zone is hourly on the following days:

  • Monday to Friday 7.45am to 5.45pm
  • Saturdays 9.45am to 1.45pm.

Full details are available in the Kan-go timetable.

Booking your Kan-go service is easy:

Step 1: Register

Contact the Kan-go team on 1800 231 248 to set up an account - you only need to do this the first time you use the service.

Step 2: Book a trip

Contact the Kan-go team to book your trip on 1800 231 248.

Don't forget:

  • you will need to quote the trip number to make a booking - see the Kan-go timetable for trip numbers
  • allow extra travel time if you need to connect to a bus service
  • bookings close one hour before travel, due to the shared nature of the service.

Fares are calculated on the number of zones you travel through on your journey. Kan-go travels through Toowoomba's fare zones 1 and 2.

Adult and concession tickets can be purchased on the service.

View Toowoomba's ticketing and fares. 

About concessions

Concession fares are only available on the verification of an eligible concession card.

You must provide proof of your concession entitlement when you first register for the service, and you must travel with your proof of concession to show your driver or authorised person when asked.

We'd love to hear your feedback about the service.

Use our feedback form or call us on 13 12 30 to let us know what you think.