More than a bus service

Busways are dedicated roadways that separate buses from general traffic.

Like our train network, busways offer commuters a congestion-free run on fast, frequent and reliable services.

Benefits of busways

  • Buses are able to avoid congestion, and largely avoid traffic lights. This means faster travel times, especially during peak periods.
  • You can transfer to train, ferry or other bus services more easily.
  • It's easier to plan your journey with each bus trip always taking about the same time, as buses don't get caught up in traffic congestion.
  • Greater frequency and a variety of bus services to choose from.
  • New travel options.

Busway stations

Like our train network, each busway station features two platforms, electronic timetable information, full accessibility and 24-hour security.

Bicycle access and storage is also provided at most stations.

Safety and security

CCTV security cameras are located throughout the busways and are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Busways and busway stations are also patrolled by Translink Busway Safety Officers around the clock.

Better for the environment

A full bus produces less pollution per person than a full car. In fact, it only takes six passengers to make the bus a cleaner option. And every full bus means 50 fewer cars on the road.

If we don't continue to use more public transport, Brisbane will be faced with more cars on the road, more congestion, longer trips to work, more noise and poorer air quality.

Building busways

Air quality studies take place before new busways are built to ensure the local air quality, and the health of those near the busway, is protected.

We also build our busway stations to blend in well with the existing environment. Wherever possible we use environmentally friendly construction products and busway stations have sustainable design features including:

  • rainwater harvesting for station irrigation, bathroom facilities and cleaning
  • solar-generated power
  • natural ventilation and lighting
  • drought-resistant landscaping.

Public art

Our busways provide you with better and smarter transport options. Keep an eye out for the unique public art that features in some of our busway stations and in busway tunnels and side walls.