South East Queensland

Sunshine Coast residents are set to benefit from improvements to Sunshine Coast bus routes that started on Monday, November 21.

Route 616 was extended to Palmview, routes 614 and 617 realigned, and routes 602, 603 and 606 undergoing timetable adjustments.

The changes reflected the region's development with improvements including services to the new community of Palmview, improved bus timetable reliability, and more services to key attractors.

There will be buses into parts of Palmview for the first time as route 616 was extended from the University of the Sunshine Coast to Harmony estate via key Sippy Downs locations including two shopping centres and three schools.

The new extension provides Palmview residents east of the highway with access to a bus service for the first time, with walk-up access for the majority of Palmview residents.

This change will also help to support future estates that will be developed in the planned community.

For staff and visitors utilising the new Maroochydore City Centre, bus route 614 has been realigned to stop on First Avenue, the central spine for the new CBD.

Other changes to bus routes in the region reflect changing traffic conditions, with adjustments for routes 602, 603, 606 and 617.

Some minor timetable adjustments on these routes will help with on-time-running as well as providing a simplified timetable, which will help to provide surety for commuters using their local bus routes.

The bus improvement package will help to make public transport an option for trips people are making on the Sunshine Coast, including to the new City Hall and Council Chambers.

Summary of route changes:

  • 602 – minor timing changes to trips towards Caloundra to improve on-time-running
  • 603 – minor change to some trips to ensure trips start on time
  • 606 – service to run in a continuous loop, improving efficiency and simplifying the timetable
  • 614 – realigned to service Maroochydore City Centre PDA
  • 616 – route extended from USC to Palmview via Sippy Downs attractors such as shops and schools
  • 617 – realigned in Sippy Downs to reflect changed local conditions

The extension of route 616 to Palmview is the first service change to see rubber hit the road as part of the $27.2m uplift in bus service for high priority areas, funded in the 2022-23 Queensland Budget.

Timetables and route alignment for the service changes are all available under ‘Plan your journey’ on the Translink website, or call by calling 13 12 30.