Up to $31 million is lost to fare evasion on our network each year. Lost revenue could be reinvested in new and improved public transport services which benefit all users.

There are a range of authorised trained officers who are the face of revenue protection, customer service and safety on our network.

Senior Network Officers (SNOs)

These officers are employed by us and have been trained to use extended powers available under section 111(3) of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994 and Transport Infrastructure Act 1994.

As authorised officers, they enforce Translink's conditions of travel for passengers on the network. Infringement notices, including fines, may be issued for public transport offences.

Under the acts, SNOs have the power to:

  • require customers to produce a valid ticket
  • require customers to show evidence of concessional requirement
  • require customers to provide information such as name, address, age and evidence of these under certain situations
  • require customers to leave public transport infrastructure
  • use force to remove a person from public transport infrastructure.

They're authorised to:

  • direct a person to leave or not to enter a public passenger vehicle
  • issue warning notices and penalty infringement notices
  • detain a person who has committed a detainable offence.

With additional power to:

  • use handcuffs to detain a person
  • search a detained person
  • take and retain particular articles.

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