21 October 2021
South East Queensland

Seniors across the state continue to save millions of dollars each year thanks to TransLink’s concession discounts.

As Queensland Seniors Month celebrations take place throughout October, TransLink figures show seniors using the South East Queensland public transport network saved more than $7 million in 2020-21 through the 50 per cent seniors fare discount.

The half-price concession is available to TransLink customers with a valid Seniors Card from any state or territory.

Seniors also saved almost half-a-million dollars in 2020-21 courtesy of the One, Two, Free initiative, which allows Seniors go card holders who use their card for two paid journeys in a day to travel for free for the rest of the day.

Head of TransLink Sally Stannard said a number of other discounts were available to seniors, including free off-peak fares on selected services from Council-subsidised schemes in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

“We work hard to make the Queensland public transport network accessible to everyone and we’re proud seniors continue to benefit from those efforts,” Ms Stannard said.

“Public transport plays a vital role across the state and all our ticketing concessions and discounts are designed to encourage public transport use.

“Saving seniors millions of dollars and helping them get around is something we'll continue to do and we're pleased we've been able to help them save, especially during COVID times.

“We encourage seniors and all public transport users to take advantage of the fare concession discounts on offer.”

Middle Park resident Norman Anderson, 74, is among those to benefit from TransLink’s seniors discounts, regularly catching buses and trains across SEQ.

“(Public transport) is unbelievable, it couldn’t be better. I try and get out on the bus as much as possible,” Mr Anderson said.

“I like to go to different libraries and come to the city twice a week to catch up with people I used to work with, so it’s very handy to jump on the bus or train and get off at the other end.

“The seniors discounts are very handy. I don’t count myself as an old-aged pensioner though, I still think I’m 30 years old.”

For more information on seniors travel and savings, visit the Seniors page on the TransLink website or call 13 12 30.


How Seniors Can Save on Queensland Public Transport:
•    Hold a valid Seniors Card from any state or territory to be eligible for a 50 per cent concession fare
•    Buy a Seniors go card (minimum age 65): go card fares are at least 30 per cent cheaper than paper tickets
•    One, Two, Free: Use your Seniors go card for two journeys in one day and travel free the rest of the day
•    Free seniors off-peak travel on selected Brisbane City Council and City of Gold Coast services
•    8 journeys then half price: travel for half price after your eighth journey in a seven-day period (Monday to Sunday)