Our service capacity tracker gives you detailed information about the space available on your service, tailored to your specific travel days and times.

A small change can make a big difference. Shifting your travel by as little as 15 minutes can help you to have a more comfortable journey.

The service capacity tracker is our first step in helping you make more informed travel choices. 

Using the service capacity tracker

Using the service capacity tracker is easy. Just select your mode, route, and travel information and you will see a forecast of how much space may be available on your service each day this week.

You will need to complete all five steps to receive a result. If you have completed all the steps and there is no graph, your selected service may not run on that day.

The service capacity tracker is a forecast only. It uses a combination of historical data and forecasted changes in travel behaviour. It is not real-time information, and your journey may be quieter, or busier, than expected.

A more accessible display of this data is available on the Open Data Portal.

This dashboard is based on recent data for the South East Queensland TransLink urban network only, excluding services departing between 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM. Services are aggregated to 15 minute intervals, and passenger loadings are averaged within these intervals. Stops starting with a star (*) are serviced occasionally.