In September 2016, the Queensland Government initiated a review into bus driver safety following an increase in violent incidents including verbal and physical aggression towards bus drivers.

The Queensland Bus Driver Safety Review was released in August 2017 and recommended 20 initiatives that could improve safety for bus drivers.

At the same time, the Government released an Interim Government Response with a commitment to further investigate these recommendations, including strategies to implement key recommendations.

The final response, which is now complete, details recommendations that have been implemented, are underway or will be completed in the future. These aim to improve the way we deliver services and raise awareness about acceptable behaviour while travelling on public transport to provide a safer environment for everyone.

We are committed to working with industry to implement changes and to continue to look for ways to make improvements.

Five point plan


Government's five-point plan is shown below.


Bus driver safety five-point plan infographic

Bus safety five-point plan


What's next?

As part of the five-point safety package for bus drivers state-wide, the Queensland Goverment has commenced the Queensland Bus Drive Safety Scheme. This will award eligible bus operators with grants to install driver barriers and anti-shatter film in urban buses.

Applications close 31 March 2019 and operators who are successful in securing funding will have until mid-2020 to install the safety barriers and anti-shatter film.

The Scheme is being administered by the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA), which is providing an independent service from TMR to assess and award grants.

If you're an operator and have any questions or want to find out more about the Scheme, please see the QRIDA website and contact details below.

Freecall: 1800 623 946

If you're a bus driver and want to provide feedback about the scheme, please contact your operator directly. Driver feedback will be compiled in the risk assessment as part of the application process. 

We'll keep this webpage up-to-date with any developments and the public awareness campaign.


Phase 1

Initiatives progressed:

  • Driver barrier trial
  • Anti-shatter film trial
  • CCTV
  • Duress and radio
  • De-escalation training
  • Incident procedures
  • Public awareness campaign
  • School strategies
  • Code of conduct - students
  • Code of conduct - passenger
  • Scheduling

Phase 2

Initiatives investigated further (August 2017 to January 2018)

  • Customer service cards
  • Recruitment
  • Contract terms
  • Senior Network Officers
  • Police
  • Fare collection policy
  • High risk passenger management
  • Data collection
  • Cashless ticketing and fare system
  • Driver barrier trials
  • Anti-shatter film trials

Phase 3

Ongoing monitoring and implementation (from January 2018):

  • Bus Safety Forum
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Ongoing implementation of safety measures
  • Industry engagement
  • Co-contribution driver barrier grants
  • Anti-shatter film grants
  • Public awareness campaign

Infographic of approach to delivering bus driver review