When was the last time you were assaulted at work? Spat on? Abused? Had things thrown at you?

These are just some of the acts of physical and verbal aggression directed towards bus drivers who should be able to do their job without the threat of violence.

Bus drivers are people, just like you. They deserve to feel safe at work.

They deserve our respect.

CCTV style image from 'Avoiding the fare video' and play symbol to watch video

Avoiding the fare

Fare evasion costs the Queensland Government $25 million a year in lost revenue. It is also one of the key catalysts for acts of aggression towards bus drivers.

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Distracting the driver

Distracting the bus driver when they are driving the bus is dangerous for everyone on board. Show drivers respect so that everyone gets home safely.

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Blaming the driver

Sometimes the unexpected happens – roadwork or accidents can lead to services running late. Bus drivers shouldn't cop abuse when the circumstances are beyond their control.

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The five-point plan

How we're helping keep bus drivers safe

The Queensland Government is implementing a five-point plan to improve safety for bus drivers:


  1. Rolling out additional physical safety measures
  2. Changing policies and procedures to improve safety outcomes
  3. Educating and increasing awareness of bus safety issues
  4. Encouraging industry to share best practice
  5. Targeting high-risk areas and building a safety culture.