Marlu the Smart Tickety-Roo

Across G:link Marlu the Smart Tickety-Roo is helping customers tap in to the Smart Ticketing trial of new Visa, Mastercard and American Express contactless payment methods.

Who is Marlu?

Marlu is a pink kangaroo, created to help educate customers on how to use Smart Ticketing.

What does the name Marlu mean?

The name Marlu means kangaroo, and comes from the Warlpiri language.

The Warlpiri language is one of the Ngarrkic languages of the large Pama–Nyungan family and is one of the largest Aboriginal languages in Australia in terms of number of speakers.

Through The Smart Ticketing project, Translink recognises and celebrates the rich and diverse contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders make every day and the integral role that Australia’s First Nations history plays in our communities.

Why was a kangaroo chosen?

The kangaroo, a beloved and readily identified and recognised Australian icon, was purposefully chosen to immediately connect with both local customers and tourists who will be using our public transport system, while leveraging Translink's new visible Smart Ticketing pink brand.

Extensive customer research and testing found Marlu and the key messages were easily understood and they resonated extremely well with all customer age groups, especially with seniors, people with varying abilities and children.

Who is the voice of Marlu?

The voice of Marlu as featured in the Smart Ticketing radio advertising campaign is Taliqua Clancy, Australia's first Indigenous Australian to compete in Olympic beach volleyball.

A Wulli Wulli and Goreng Goreng woman born and raised in Kingaroy, Taliqua represented Australia at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, was a silver medallist in women's beach volleyball at the Commonwealth Games in 2018, and a 2021 Tokyo Olympic silver medallist. 

Where will I see Marlu?

You can see Marlu now on Translink social media and across G:link on-tram and on-platform signage.

Marlu on G:link

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