About Smart Ticketing Queensland

Smart Ticketing makes it even easier to plan and pay for public transport. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter so we can let you know when there are updates in your area. 

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Why Smart Ticketing?

The Queensland Government is investing in a world-class ticketing solution that meets the changing needs of Queenslanders. Smart Ticketing ensures that our public transport network keeps pace with our customers, not the other way around.

In the last few years, travel behaviour and payment technology has completely transformed. While the go card has served us well, the card-based system first hit the tracks in 2003 and is approaching end of life.

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What does Smart Ticketing mean for me?

Smart Ticketing offers contactless payment methods in addition to go cards and paper tickets to pay for public transport. You'll be able to tap on and off to pay for travel using your Visa, Mastercard and American Express linked card or device. 

We are planning a series of Smart Ticketing customer trials to test contactless payments with selected customers across different services over time. Make sure you're signed up to our newsletter so we can keep you up to date and let you know when you can tap in to Smart Ticketing yourself.

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What makes Smart Ticketing smart?

Smart Ticketing enables you to choose smarter ways to pay for your travel with a contactless debit or credit card, smartphone, smart watch or smart device. As time goes on, we'll deliver additional products that will allow you to register and manage your account online and in real time. We'll release more updates as they become available. 

Can I still use my go card?

While we encourage all eligible customers to trial new ways to pay, you can continue to use your go card, even on the new equipment when you follow our three easy steps.

Where can I tap in to Smart Ticketing?

Customers can tap on and off to pay the same adult go card fare using a Visa, Mastercard and American Express contactless debit or credit card, smartphone or smart watch across the entire G:link network! 

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New Smart Ticketing validators are coming to this station soon.

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