The Connecting Thread

Smart Ticketing equipment is wrapped in 'The Connecting Thread' artwork, developed by Gilimbaa artist, Elisa Jane Carmichael (Quandamooka) specifically for Translink's Smart Ticketing project. The artwork captures the unique landscapes of Queensland from top to bottom, exploring Rainforest, Bush, Freshwater, Saltwater, Desert and the pathways that connect Country and people.

Click on the Connecting Thread video to explore the artwork and what each of the elements represent.

Translink is the first organisation globally to incorporate Indigenous art into ticketing equipment and infrastructure in recognition of our First Nations people and the rich and lasting contribution they bring to Queensland's culture and identity.

As Queenslanders, we're really proud of The Connecting Thread, and we hope you are too.

Artwork story

We are travelling in the pathways of those who have gone before us. Many of the major highways, roads and waterways are travelling routes for the First Peoples of the land.

Over tens of thousands of years our ancestors’ footprints have paved the way for the routes we travel today. This artwork honours the footprints of First Nations people; guiding the way for safe travel and caring for Country and the environment across Queensland.

One of the most important items for First Nations people is string. Threads of string support daily life activities and ceremonial gatherings. Strings are carried when travelling across Country. The strings are woven with grasses, rushes or hair. When one thread comes together and is woven with many, its strength is formed.

Placing the woven string elements over the patterns inspired by Country honours connection to Country and the significance of caring, working and living with the environment.


Meet the artist

Gilimbaa artist, Elisa Jane Carmichael (known to many as Leecee) created ‘The Connecting Thread’ artwork, for Translink. Elisa is a Ngugi woman from the Quandamooka People of Moreton Bay. She has pursued a creative career since completing her degree, and has exhibited internationally and presented her research at Oxford University. Her practice honours her cultural heritage by incorporating materials collected from Country, embracing traditional techniques and expressing contemporary adaptations, through the mediums of painting, weaving and textiles.

Gilimbaa is a full-service creative agency specialising in strategic and connected communication. The agency is driven by the power and process of storytelling and the role this plays in the education and celebration of culture. 

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Listen to the sounds of each Country

Bush Country

Freshwater Country

Connecting Country

Rainforest Country

Desert Country

Saltwater Country