Last reviewed: Monday 22 Apr 2024 at 12.01am

From Monday 13 May, the Southern Moreton Bay Island (SMBI) ferry will run to a new and improved timetable to better meet your travel needs.

The main benefits will be:

  • We're combining the existing SMBI ferry timetable and most of the COVID-19 trips, so all trips are shown together making the timetable simpler and easier for you to use.
  • We’re spreading ferry trips better throughout the day and when they're most needed – making it easier for you to get where you need to go.
  • We're changing some departure times to make your timetable more accurate and dependable – so you can be confident your ferry will arrive on time.

The separate COVID-19 timetable will no longer run however, the new merged ferry timetable will provide a similar number of services.

We've tried to maintain connections where possible, but you may have different waiting times between buses and ferries at Redland Bay Marina. We recommend using our journey planner to see how the changes affect you. 

Changes to bus services

A few bus trips for routes 250 and 272 will also be adjusted to better connect with the new ferry timetable – please check your bus timetable or plan your journey before travelling to see if your trip has changed.  

The new ferry and bus timetables will be available via our Journey planner from Monday 29 April. Just remember to select a date from Monday 13 May.

Affected services

South East Queensland