Last reviewed: Monday 13 Sep 2021 at 8.09pm

From Monday 16 August for approximately seven months, there will be some changes to peak hour services on the Beenleigh line due to important Cross River Rail works.

Eight weekday services will run express from Yeerongpilly to Park Road and won't stop at Fairfield or Dutton Park stations, please see the tables below to see if this affects your service (shaded services).

Morning peak services

Departure time from Fairfield station Departure time from Dutton Park station Arrival time at Central Destination
6.53am 6.55am 7.09am Bowen Hills
7.08am - Express 7.10am - Express 7.24am Bowen Hills
7.23am 7.25am 7.39am Bowen Hills
7.38am - Express 7.40am - Express 7.54am Bowen Hills
7.53am 7.55am 8.09am Bowen Hills
8am - Express 8.02am - Express 8.16am Bowen Hills
8.08am 8.10am 8.24am Bowen Hills
8.15am - Express 8.17am - Express 8.31am Bowen Hills
8.23am 8.25am 8.39am Bowen Hills
8.30am - Express 8.32am - Express 8.46am Bowen Hills
8.38am 8.40am 8.54am Bowen Hills

Afternoon peak services

Departure time from Central Arrival at Dutton Park Arrival at Fairfield Destination
4.19pm 4.34pm 4.36pm Beenleigh
4.34pm - Express - - Beenleigh
4.49pm 5.04pm 5.06pm Beenleigh
4.57pm - Express - - Kuraby
5.04pm - Express - - Beenleigh
5.19pm 5.34pm 5.36pm Beenleigh
5.24pm (Now leaving three mins earlier.) 5.39pm 5.41pm Kuraby
5.34pm 5.49pm 5.51pm Beenleigh

If you normally catch these train services from either Fairfield or Dutton Park station, please re-plan your journey using one of the non-express services or using our journey planner.

You may also want to consider catching the StationLink bus route 109, which runs every 15 minutes or better between Moorooka and Boggo Road stations.

Affected services