Last reviewed: Tuesday 21 Jun 2022 at 3.01pm

On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June, platform 1 at South Bank train station will be closed for upgrade works.

During this time, trains travelling away from the city will not stop at South Bank station. 

Trains heading towards the city will stop at platform 2/3 as normal.

Travel alternatives

If you are travelling to South Bank from the city, consider hopping off at South Brisbane station, if possible.

Alternatively, you can continue past South Bank to Park Road station, change to a city-bound train there and travel back to platform 2/3 at South Bank.

If you are travelling away from the city from South Bank, consider catching your service from South Brisbane station, if possible.

Alternatively, you can catch a bus from South Bank busway station to either Boggo Road station or Buranda busway station and transfer to your train service there. 

Project benefits

  • a full-length raised platform
  • new platform seating and shelters 
  • upgraded security cameras and lighting 
  • new wayfinding and platform signage.

More information

If you need assistance with station access look for station staff, call Queensland Rail on 13 16 17 or SMS 0428 774 636.

Visit the Queensland Rail project page for more information

Affected services