Safety and comfort of all passengers are important to us.

We recommend parents and students both read the travel tips and code of conduct below, and have a conversation about travelling safely.

If your child has a smartphone, you can download the MyTranslink app. It's free, and once set up, you can add favourite stops and services and receive service notifications.

Covid-safe school travel

We encourage all school students to socially distance where possible. However, social distancing is not enforced on public transport to ensure all children who need to travel are able to.

School services in South East Queensland will only accept go cards and pre-paid tickets in order to reduce cash handling.

Missed services

If your child didn't board their service, or the service didn't stop for your child, and you know their current location on the network, call us on 13 12 30 to make a report and we will investigate urgently.

If your child is still on the network and you are concerned for their safety, please contact the police in the first instance.

We thoroughly investigate all reports where a child has missed their service. We'll need to know:

  • date of the incident
  • time
  • age of your child
  • route your child was waiting for
  • where your child was waiting for the service
  • where your child was going
  • best contact number for the child's parent/guardian/teacher.

If your child is no longer on the network or has changed their travel plans, please call 13 12 30 to report the incident and we will conduct an investigation.

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