Choose the right student travel card or assistance

  • All Queensland primary and secondary school students are eligible for a concession go card.
  • Eligible tertiary and post-secondary students can apply to access concession fares on their valid go card.
  • Concession fares are 50% of an adult fare.
  • Parents with students who have a disability, refer to options 5, 6, 7 and 8.
  • Visit Public Transport Guide for Parents to find all the information and the decisions you need to make for your child travelling on public transport.
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1. Child go card

All children aged 5 to 14 years (inclusive).

Children who appear older may be asked to show proof of age, such as a school photo identification card.

Visit your local go card retailer

Buy online

Call 13 12 30

2. Student concession go card

Secondary students aged 15 years and older, including home educated students.

Students must carry an approved Queensland student photo ID at all times while travelling, or be wearing an official Queensland school uniform.

Visit your local go card retailer

Buy online

Call 13 12 30


3. Tertiary/post-secondary concession

Eligible full-time university, TAFE and post-secondary students.

Students must live in Queensland and carry a current approved photo ID at all times when travelling.

Apply online
or  call 13 12 30

4. School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS)

For students under the age of 19 years who attend an approved state or non-state school and live more than a set distance from the school, or are financially disadvantaged.

Visit School Transport Assistance Scheme for the eligibility criteria and specific conditions for assistance under the scheme.

STAS application forms
(separate application for each assistance type)

5. School Transport Assistance Programs for Students with Disabilities (STAPSD)

Sample travel pass used by students with a disability using public transport only

Department of Education

For school students with a disability attending special education programs that are provided by the Department of Education.

Eligibility for your child's assistance is determined by approved transport assessors at the attending school.

Visit School Transport Assistance Programs for Students with Disability for the eligibility criteria and specific conditions relating to each assistance type.

Contact your enrolled state school to arrange application

6. Disability concession passes

For students with a physical or intellectual disability who:

  • requires an assistance animal, or
  • is vision impaired, or
  • requires language support.

Four types of passes:

  1. Student Special Program Pass (part of STAPSD)*
  2. TransLink Access Pass
  3. Vision Impairment Travel Pass
  4. Assistance Animal Pass

Disability concession passes
(separate application for each pass)

* Contact school to arrange application

7. Companion card

Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors

For people with a disability, including students who require 'attendant care support' for a lifelong need.

The person with a disability is issued the Companion Card to allow their attendant carer to travel with them at no cost.

Companion Card application form

8. Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS)

For parents/carers whose child attends a non-state school where:

  1. the family spend on bus/ferry fares is more than the weekly threshold, or
  2. your child has a disability and requires transport assistance to/from school.

Students attending a non-state school may qualify for STAS.

NSSTAS online application*
(separate application for each type of assistance)

* apply each May (for travel January to June) and October (for travel July to December)

9. Paper tickets

For any person travelling on the public transport network.

About paper tickets


  • onboard buses and ferries using cash
  • at ticket offices and fare machines using: cash, debit or credit card.