There have been changes to where your service departs from at Garden City Interchange.

These changes have been made to improve efficiency for our bus services and safety for our customers.

Services will now depart from the following stops :

Route/s Stop
122, 123 and 152 B
125 and 132 C
120 D
545, 554, 576, 578 and 586 E
184 and 185 F
P179 and 180 G
170, 171 and P176 H
161 (weekends only), 172, 174 and 175 I
598 K
599 L
590 N

Bus timetables and Brisbane CBD bus stops have changed

New timetables

New bus timetables have been introduced across Brisbane and surrounding areas to provide more accurate travel information for customers and to adjust to the city’s changing road conditions.

The frequency of your bus has not changing, but the time it is due to arrive at your stop may change.

CBD bus stop and route changes

CBD bus stops and routes have also changed in line with road closures for the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane Integrated Resort Development.

Your bus may now stop at a different location or travel a different route in the CBD.

The closure of William Street and Queens Wharf Road means some buses driving through the CBD will be travelling a different route and using different bus stops.

Affected services

Last updated:  Mon 12 December 2016 at 12.54pm ()