Last reviewed: Monday 12 Oct 2020 at 11.44am ()

If you are in the habit of topping your go card up at the ticket machine or newsagent, now is a great time to get auto top-up sorted.

Auto top-up gives you the freedom to hop on any bus, train, ferry or tram service without needing to add balance to your go card first.

This means skipping the queue at the station or retailer, plus you get all the benefits of a registered go card account:

  • protected balance for lost/stolen cards
  • transfer funds between cards
  • view detailed balance and travel history.

How auto top-up works

Once your card balance falls below $5, we automatically top it up with more credit.

This way you always have enough balance to get where you are going.

With auto top-up you remain in control by choosing how much is topped-up and when you want to stop payments.

    How to set up auto top-up

    1. Log into your go card account – you will need to register your card first if you haven't already.  
    2. Click on the top-up tab and set your preferred auto top-up amount.  
    3. You can also call 13 12 30 and activate auto top-up over the phone.

    Afraid to commit? 

    That's okay. We understand auto top-up isn't for everyone.

    But you can still make the most of our online and phone payment systems to add go card balance. 

    Simply log into your go card account or call 13 12 30 to top-up your card.

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