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School has started for 2020

To help your child travel to and from school with ease, follow these handy tips:


Use our school service finder to find school routes near your child's school. You can also use journey planner for a more customised search. 

When using any of our planning tools, make sure to select a travel date that falls on a school day. 

If you live outside South East Queensland, please contact your local Passenger and School Transport Office to explore your options. 

To accommodate new enrolments and improve services, there are often changes in the new school year.

Check our school service finder or talk with your school or bus operator to make sure you have the right stop and route to get your child to school.

If you have any questions about school services that aren't covered by our website, you should contact your local school operator, as they can provide in-depth advice about their services and where they stop in your area. 

You can also speak to your local Passenger and School Transport Office, particularly if you are looking at applying for a type of assistance

Before school starts, it's best to check if your child has the right type of concession card or assistance and still have money on their card. 

By registering the card you can always go online and check its balance, top-up the card, check the card's expiry, and protect its balance if the card is ever lost or stolen.

Plus, if you set up auto top-up, your child will always have travel credit no matter where they go.

School students 15 years and older must hold a valid student ID and buy a green concession go card online, at selected retailers, or over the phone. 
Once they have a concession go card, please have its expiry date updated at a retailer. This will be set to the same expiry date as the student ID.

For the first few weeks of the school year, the network is monitored and changes may need to be made to services where demand requires.

It’s important for students to remember to be patient during this time and arrive at their bus stop before the scheduled time. 

The safety and comfort of passengers and drivers is important to all of us! 

We recommend parents and students both read our school travel tips and code of conduct and have a conversation about travelling safely.

Our school travel page has plenty of information about safety, tickets, and travel for school students in Queensland.

It is important to teach students about simple things like how to hail and use their go card or ticket, as they may not feel confident doing it for the first time, or may have forgotten. 

If you have any questions not covered here, please call us on 13 12 30.

We request that any urgent matters relating to children and young people are reported via the TransLink Call Centre on 13 12 30 to ensure all relevant information is provided to assist in a timely investigation.

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