Last reviewed: Monday 9 Dec 2019 at 9.03am ()

From Monday 9 December, SpeedyCat services will no longer stop at Apollo Road ferry terminal and will instead stop at Hawthorne ferry terminal. 

Why is this happening?

As the use of SpeedyCats at Apollo Road has been low, these services are being moved to Hawthorne to reduce overcrowding at this terminal. 

How will this impact services?

Seven SpeedyCat services will change:

  • 3 upstream SpeedyCats will now service Hawthorne at 7.01am, 7.23am and 3.26pm, and no longer stop at Apollo Rd.
  • 4 downstream SpeedyCats will now service Hawthorne at 9.38am, 9.58am, 6.04pm and 6.24pm, and no longer stop at Apollo Rd.

How can I now travel from Apollo Road into the city?

Regular CityCat services are unchanged and will still stop at Apollo Road, and there will still be 3 express CityCat services at 7.05am, 7.20am and 7.31am.

Will SpeedyCats stop at Guyatt Park?

Yes. The new, upgraded Guyatt Park Terminal reopened on Saturday 7 December to coincide with this new CityCat timetable. 

Where can I see the new timetable?

Plan your journey or view the PDF timetable.

Affected services