Last reviewed: Tuesday 13 Aug 2019 at 4.41pm ()

From Monday 19 August there will be changes to the route 29 timetable. 

The current "university term only" 29 services will be converted into a new trial service - route 28.

What is route 28?

Route 28 is a new dedicated short-trip service running along the Eastern busway, between UQ Lakes and Langlands Park stations. 

This service is very similar to route 29, stopping at:

Please note: Route 28 does not service Woolloongabba station

What does this mean for me?

Route 29 services will now depart approximately every 10 minutes (instead of every 5 minutes during peak times) in university terms. 

If you are travelling between UQ Lakes, Boggo Road or PA Hospital stations, you will still have a 5 minute peak time frequency during uni terms, by catching either either the 28 or the 29. 

However, if you are travelling to Woolloongabba station, you will need to wait for a 29 service.

Please replan your travel for Monday 19 August.

The University of Queensland service change trial

These changes are part of the University of Queensland service change trial.

This trial is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the University of Queensland and begins on Monday 19 August.

More information

For more information check out the project page or call our contact centre on 13 12 30, anytime. 

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