Due to growth in Brisbane's eastern suburbs, there's been an increase in traffic congestion and bus patronage leading to overcrowding on some services.

From Monday 22 January, we'll be introducing some changes to improve bus services in this corridor and assist in reducing overcrowding.

In summary:

  • a new route P228 will be introduced between Cannon Hill and the CBD
  • the inbound morning peak route P207 service will travel along Margaret Street, rather than Elizabeth Street
  • some shorter trips on routes 227 and 230 will be removed 
  • three morning services on inbound route 232 will start at the Cannon Hill interchange rather than the Carina bus depot.

How does this affect my route?

Route P207

During morning peak times, inbound route P207 services will travel along Margaret Street, instead of Elizabeth Street, making it easier for you to access locations such as QUT Gardens Point and William Street.

From 22 January, route P207 will service the following stops:

There are no changes to the outbound afternoon P207 route, these stops remain the same.

Please visit the journey planner to plan your journey.

Routes 227 and 230

Some shorter trips on routes 227and 230 during the morning will be removed.

If you normally catch route 227 or 230, you may be able to catch the new P228 service, which runs during morning and afternoon peak times on weekdays.

The P228 is a limited stop service and may not stop at all the same locations as routes 227 and 230. Please use the journey planner to see if the P228 is right for you.

Route 232

Three morning services on inbound route 232 will start at the Cannon Hill interchange, instead of the Carina bus depot.

The bus will no longer stop at the following stops:

These changes are only to route 232, other routes will still stop at these stops.

If you wish to travel on route 232, you can catch the 590 or 598 to Cannon Hill and transfer to the 232.

Please visit the journey planner to plan your journey.

Route P228

A new route, P228 will be introduced between Cannon Hill and the CBD during peak periods to help ease overcrowding on route 227.

The service will run Monday to Friday:

  • inbound every 15 minutes between 6.45am and 7.30am
  • outbound every 15 minutes between 4.45pm and 5.30pm.

The P228 is a limited stop service providing more direct access to the CBD. Did you know, the 'P' means this is a pre-paid service (go card or pre-purchased ticket).

Affected services

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