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From 4pm to 6pm on weekdays, outbound route 400 buses do not stop at Cultural Centre station.

Outbound routes 425, 453, 454 and 460 depart Queen Street bus station and travel direct to Milton.

The first scheduled stop after Queen Street bus station is Coronation Drive at Cribb Street, stop 4 in Milton.

How can I travel during this time?

Catch route 444

Catch route 444 from Cultural Centre station to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre station.

Transfer onto your normal service at platform A.

Catch your bus from Queen Street station

Catch your bus from Queen Street bus station - 8 min walk (around 600 metres) from Cultural Centre:

  • Route 425 departs from stop 2C
  • Routes 453, 454 and 460 depart from stop 2A

 Cultural Centre station

 Alternative bus stops:

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Map of route 400 series - departing Queen Street bus station


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