From Monday 17 July 2017, residents in Holmview will have access to a brand new bus service to take them to Beenleigh station.

The 567 starts and ends at Beenleigh, running as a loop through Holmview and parts of Waterford. You'll also be able to get to local shops such as Holmview Central Shopping Centre and Beenleigh Marketplace.

What you need to know

  • The new service will connect residents in the Holmview area to Beenleigh station, and other destinations such as Brisbane CBD and Gold Coast.

  • The 567 runs hourly 6.30am – 6.30pm on weekdays, and 7.30am – 5.30pm on Saturdays.

  • The service runs entirely within zone 3, so a typical journey for an adult, travelling on a go card one way, during peak will cost $3.20.

  • There is room for 18 passengers and one wheelchair on board. The mid sized bus is the first of its kind to be used on the TransLink network. Its smaller size makes it easier to navigate residential streets.

  • There will be temporary bus stops being installed prior to the service starting, with permanent bus stop infrastructure being rolled out late 2017.

  • Ticketing and go card facilities will be on board the bus, and you can purchase and top up at your nearest go card retailer.

The exact location of the stops are being finalised by our planning team and the map will be updated as we get closer to the service starting.

We will also hold information sessions in the local area in the coming weeks.

Please visit this page again for further updates and information.

Map of new Holmview route 567 service

Map of new Holmview route 567 service

Affected services

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