Event organisers

Planning an event in Queensland?

Contact us about public transport arrangements, especially if your event is likely to impact:

  • existing transport services
  • local residents or businesses
  • the safety of people travelling to or from your event.

We recommend registering with us several months in advance, to ensure transport is well planned.

Translink's event team can:

  • help source cost-effective transport
  • advise of other broader transport service changes, such as rail track closures.

To register, send this completed checklist for event organisers and any other relevant details to majorevents.team@translink.com.au.

Transport operators

As an operator, you may be asked to provide transport service to or from an event.

For information on what to consider when providing event transport, view our checklist for operators.

Planned network changes

For information on planned service changes (like track closures and route diversions) that may clash with your event:

More information

For more information about transport for events, email majorevents.team@translink.com.au or contact your local Translink passenger transport office.

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