We're on Facebook and Twitter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help our customers across the network.

We post updates about:

  • service disruptions, including temporary and permanent changes to services
  • special event travel, such as for football matches, the Ekka, concerts, expos and other community events
  • ticketing, fares and go card
  • project updates
  • new services
  • current competitions and offers.

We're also on Instagram sharing images from across the network taken by our customers.

We encourage customers to engage in discussion and share their public transport experiences with us.

We use hashtags on Twitter for bus, train, ferry and tram service notifications to make it easier for customers to find relevant information before they travel or during their journey.

All network notifications on Twitter will include the hashtag #TLAlert. Secondary hashtags by mode provide specific network information:

Mode Hashtag More information and special hashtags
General #TLAlert Service alerts for SEQ network
Bus #TL600s (example) Notifications for bus services 600 to 699
Spring Hill Loop: #TL30s
CityLoop: #TL40s & #TL50s
CityGlider: #TL60s
Night services: #TLNs
CityCat, CityHopper: #TLFerry
Train #TLIpswichline (example) Notifications for train lines travelling to and from Ipswich
Ferry #TLFerry Notifications for all water based services
Tram #Glink Notifications for tram services
  • Trains: Hashtags for train lines are in line with current naming conventions on the website and station displays.
    For example #TLIpswichline is used for tweets containing information for trains travelling from the city to Ipswich and from Ipswich to the city.
  • Buses: To make it as easy as possible we have clustered bus routes in series.
    For example, to find information for the bus routes P331, 333 and 334, the hashtag #TL300s will provide any available information for those routes.
    Customers using the P231 (P stands for prepaid) will find specific notifications with #TL200s.
    All notifications for night services, that have the prefix N, are accessible with #TLNs.

We read all comments, messages and tweets, but may not be able to reply to everything we receive.

Please submit an online form if you have a:

  • formal request, comment or enquiry
  • complaint against staff or services
  • response to an item for public consultation.

A customer service representative will respond as soon as possible.

go card: Due to privacy requirements, we cannot answer go card-related questions on our Facebook page or Twitter account. Please private message us, call us on 13 12 30 or log in to your go card account to resolve the issue.

We expect our social media community will treat each other—as well as the department and our employees—with respect.

We will remove any comments that contain:

  • vulgar or abusive language
  • personal attacks of any kind
  • offensive terms that target specific ethnic or racial groups,
  • comments that do not remain on topic, are repetitive or are not productive.

Comments that are considered to be spam, promote services or products, or contain political content will also be removed.

Illegal content or behaviour is not allowed on TransLink's social media channels. We will not allow links or posts to any copyright or pornographic material, or posts that engage in behaviours like harassment, impersonation, intimidation or abuse.

TransLink may report and block users posting inappropriate or offensive material at its own discretion and is not obliged to reinstate any individual it decides to block.

TransLink does not guarantee or warrant that information posted by individuals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is correct and disclaims any liability for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on such information.

TransLink uses social media in accordance with the following company statements and policies:

Transparency and accountability are important to us. TransLink follows these guidelines and policy when a complaint is lodged: