I have a go card


Now that you have a go card, register it online. Registering your go card allows you to protect the money loaded onto your card if it's lost or stolen. It also allows you to top up your card online, over the phone, set up auto top up online and check your balance and transaction history online.

There are third party applications available on the internet that can offer to display go card account balances and other go card information.

Currently these products are not endorsed or able to be endorsed by TransLink.

Customers who provide their go card details to non-TransLink third party applications or non-endorsed services are breaching the go card terms and conditions.

Things you should know

Account login (for registered users)

Login to your go card account online to keep track of your transaction history, top up, check your expiry date and request refunds or a balance transfer.

Top up and auto top-up

go card top up icon

You can top up at over 1000 locations, including any 7-Eleven store, many Queensland Rail stations, some busway stations and selected newsagents where you see the 'top up' symbol. Top up regularly or arrange auto top up so you always have enough money to travel.

Please note from 1 March 2016, only an Australian credit or debit card can be used for top-ups online, over the phone, or for auto top-up. International credit cards can still be used to top up at go card retailers, Queensland Rail stations, and fare machines.

Always have enough balance to travel with auto top-up

Take the worry out of topping up your go card by setting up auto top-up. When your account balance falls below $5, it'll automatically be topped up with the amount of your choice ($20 minimum).

Setting up auto top-up is easy and it's free!

Note: auto-top up will not work if your credit card has expired. If you don't touch on within 60 days, the money will be returned to your credit card.

Find out where you can top up.


Checking your balance

Expiry dates for go cards

It's important to ensure that your go card is valid for use on the network.

Expiry dates for go cards are:

  • Adult - 10 years from the date of issue
  • Child - on the child's 15th birthday
  • Concession - the same day your concession card expires (concession go cards purchased online must have their expiry date set within 14 days of purchase)
  • Senior - 10 years from date of issue

To check and update your expiry date, visit a selected go card retailer or Queensland Rail ticket office. Concession card holders will need to present a valid concession ID when updating their go card expiry date.

You can change your expiry date any time before the card expires or up until 90 days after.

go card travel credit won't expire, however when you top up online or over the phone, if you don't touch your go card to a card reader within 60 days, then your top up will be reversed and the money will be returned to your credit card.

Report an incorrect fare

You can report an incorrect fare and apply to have your go card balance adjusted if you've been over charged within 8 weeks of the date of error.  

Report an incorrect fare:


Lost, stolen or damaged cards

If your registered go card is lost or stolen, phone TransLink immediately on 13 12 30. As soon as you do this, your card can be blocked so no one else can use it.

If your card is unregistered, we are unable to block the card, and your travel balance and refundable deposit will be lost - you'll need to buy a new go card.

As soon as your lost or stolen registered go card is blocked, the account holder can buy a new card over the phone and transfer the balance to the new card. It will usually take about 24 hours, but allow up to 10 working days to receive your new card.

You can block your go card and get a refund by completing the go card guide to balance transfers and refunds form (PDF, 211KB) and mailing it to us.

Note: If you intend to travel on public transport after your card has been lost, stolen or damaged you will be required to purchase another go card or single paper ticket.

Damaged cards

If you can't correctly touch on or off and you can see that other people can, your card may be faulty or damaged. Ask an authorised staff member for help or call us on 13 12 30.

Refunds and balance transfers

You can get a refund on any unused travel credit and deposit. However, when a refund is issued, your go card must be surrendered and it will be cancelled. You can apply for a refund or cancel your go card:

Refunds can be given:

Note: If you top-up online, have set up auto top-up or your go card has already expired, you should complete the above form. Refunds are given in Australian dollars.

Balance transfer or changes to a different card type

Are you eligible to change or upgrade your go card? Visit new to go card for more information about the different go cards that are available.

If you have your new go card, you can transfer the original balance (including the refundable deposit) from your registered go card to the new go card.

Customers with an unregistered go card can apply for a balance transfer by completing the below form and sending both the form and unregistered go card to cardholder support.

You can transfer your balance (your original go card will be cancelled within 10 business days and cannot be used for travel again):