People walking from bus stop

TransLink is a division within the Department of Transport and Main Roads with state-wide responsibility for:

  • mass transit, including bus, train, ferry and tram across South East Queensland
  • buses in Cairns
  • regional services
  • Demand Responsive Transit
  • active transport (cycling, walking)
  • taxis regulation
  • long distance rail, coaches and regional air.

TransLink operates with a "Customers first" focus and our primary vision is to "Connect Queensland - delivering passenger transport for prosperity".

Who we work with

We partner with a range of service providers and government agencies throughout Queensland to deliver high-quality public transport services, ticketing, information and infrastructure.

Customer service

We provide support and give you a way to have your opinions heard and acted on.

View our customer service page to see what we can help you with.

Projects and initiatives

TransLink is constantly improving our network and services to make it easier to use public transport.

This includes station upgrades, expanding the network and changing the way we do business.

View our projects and initiatives page to see what we are working on.

Ticket and fare integration

TransLink works with our operators to provide integrated ticketing options that allow you to travel seamlessly between our buses, ferries, trains and trams.

We've also introduced integrated travel and entry tickets for major events. These tickets allow attendees to travel for free and gain entry to events using one ticket.

Revenue protection

Up to $18 million is lost each year to fare evasion throughout the TransLink network. If everyone paid their correct fare, revenue can be reinvested in new and improved public transport services for everyone.

View our revenue protection page for more information.

Customer research

We regularly conduct market research so we can learn about our customers and their travel patterns. Depending on the kind of information we are looking to gather, we may:

  • Contact people randomly either through consumer panels or by random phone dialing.
  • Speak to people who are at stops or stations, or travelling on board public transport services.
  • Contact registered go card customers who have agreed to be considered for market research or opinion polls in the future.

Customer satisfaction

Every three months we commission an independent research company to conduct research on our behalf to monitor customer satisfaction.

You can check out our customer satisfaction results on the public transport performance data page.