How to catch a TransLink service

Aerial view of bus.

Before you travel

Boarding your service

  • Give way to existing passengers
  • Touch your go card to the card reader
    • on train or tram platform
    • on board bus and ferry
  • Travelling without a go card? Purchase a paper ticket

Travelling on your service

  • After boarding, find a seat away from the doors. This allows faster boarding of other travellers
  • If no seats are available, hold onto a fitted safety handle or barrier
  • Always offer your seat to passengers with special needs, such as people with a disability, seniors, pregnant women or parents travelling with small children
  • For buses, ring the "stop" bell at least 100 meters before your destination. If you're unsure where you should get off, ask your driver when boarding
  • Touch off with your go card when exiting the service or station.

Transferring to another service

You can make a journey by combining two or more shorter trips if you follow the transfer rules.

  • Using a go card
    • Touch on and off for each trip. Our system will automatically combine your trips into a single fare.

Please note: train-to-train transfers only need to be touched off at the end of the journey.

go card transfer rules

  • 1 hour time limit between transfers
  • maximum of 3 transfers per journey
  • total journey length must be shorter than 6 hours
  • final trip must start within 3.5 hours of first trip

Paper ticket transfer rules

  • Unlimited transfers
  • Must start final trip before the printed expiry time
    • If travelling 10 zones or less you have 2 hours to complete your journey
    • If travelling more than 10 zones, you have 3.5 hours to complete your journey
  • Returning to your initial departure destination is not permitted.