Getting to and from school

South East Queensland and Cairns

In South East Queensland, school students can catch any TransLink bus, train, ferry and tram service or school bus service to and from their home and school.

Use the journey planner to find your best journey to and from school.  Our helpful tips for journey planning for school services and tips for how to catch a bus makes planning your school journey even easier.  

If you already know your bus route number, you can also search for your school timetable.

Regional Queensland

If you live in regional Queensland, you can search for your bus services to and from school via the qconnect journey planner.

School students living in parts of Queensland where TransLink or qconnect services are unavailable may be able to catch prescribed school services  offered by over 600 different bus operators.

Contact your local regional school bus operator for timetable information.  Your school or local TMR school transport office will be able to advise who your local bus operator is.

School transport fares and assistance

go card and other TransLink tickets can be used on all TransLink and qconnect school services. Normal fares apply.

Full-time primary and secondary school students are eligible for a 50% concession fare on any TransLink and qconnect service.  Discounted six and 12 month rail passes are also available for students from Queensland Rail.

Across Queensland, eligible school students may qualify for assistance under the School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS) for bus, train, ferry, tram and/or private vehicle travel to and from school.

The Department of Education, Training and Employment also provides transport assistance for eligible students with a disability under the School Transport Assistance Programs for Students with Disabilities.  

Non-state school students may qualify for assistance under the Non-State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme.  Further details are available at

Safe travel of school students

The safety and comfort of all students and other passengers when travelling is very important.  Requirements for students travelling on public transport and guidelines for bus operators, parents, and schools are outlined in the Code of Conduct for School Students Travelling on Buses.

Healthy Active School Travel (HAST)

Throughout Queensland numerous schools are participating in the HAST program to encourage students to walk and cycle to and from school.

The program is a phased, action-learning initiative delivering a series of events and activities aimed at increasing awareness about healthy living and promoting physical activity in school children.

More information

For more information about school transport options in South East Queensland or Cairns, please contact TransLink.

For information about school transport options in regional Queensland, please contact one of your local regional school transport offices.