There's a new way of getting from A to B, and we've saved you a seat.

We are currently trialling a new shared transport option in Logan called Demand Responsive Transport, or DRT.

DRT is a pre-booked, shared transport service designed to make it easier for you to get around your local area.

This new transort option can take you to your local bus or train sation, and selected local facilities such as shops, medical centres and libaries.

DRT brings together small groups of people who are lookign to travel at the same time.

Tired of hunting for a park at the station?

Having trouble getting to your doctor's appointment?

Or need an easier way to get to the shops and home again?

... then DRT is for you.

Simply pre-brook your trip over the phone.

At just $ 3 for adults, and $1.50 for concessions, DRT is a great way for everyone, to see more, and do more in their local community.

Get out and about today.

Go from A to B with DRT.