Booking rules

  • All passengers must register for a DRT account before they are able to make a booking.

  • To ensure we can guarantee you a trip, all bookings must be made at least 2 hours before you want to travel. Online and app bookings will close 2 hours before travel.

  • A DRT service can only carry passengers who have pre-booked their trip in advance. Any passengers who assemble at a DRT meeting point, but don't have a booking may not be permitted to board the service.

  • There's no minimum age limit for customers booking or using DRT services. At the discretion of the child's parent, unaccompanied children will be allowed to use DRT services, in the same way they are allowed to use all forms of public transport.

  • Third party bookings are possible - the person who books the trip does not need to travel on the DRT service, however the person travelling must be registered for the service.


As DRT is a shared service, it is essential that you try to minimise disruptions to other passenger's travel and alert us if you need to cancel a booking.

If you need to cancel a DRT booking please contact us on 13 11 90 or login to your account using the trial MyDRTLogan app or trial booking website as soon as you can before your booked travel time to manage your booking. Cancellations can be made at any time up until your service is scheduled to arrive.

If you don't provide us with a cancellation of your booked service, you may be issued with a warning. Repeated offences may result in the cancellation of your account.

Conditions of travel

Passenger responsibilities

All DRT passengers must:

  • pay the correct fare

  • wear a seatbelt and make sure children are properly restrained

  • behave respectfully and not cause a disturbance or nuisance while travelling

  • not eat, drink or smoke inside the DRT vehicle

  • not wilfully or unlawfully damage, deface or interfere with the vehicle or its service equipment

  • not ask the DRT driver to speed or break any road rules or laws

  • adhere to the full terms and conditions of travelling on a DRT service.

Passenger rights

As a DRT passenger you have the right to:

  • choose your leave after or arrive before time

  • travel in a safe and comfortable vehicle

  • be charged the correct fare

  • request a credit refund for any cancelled trips which meet the conditions of the cancellation policy

  • be given an itemised receipt if requested 

  • ask for assistance getting in or out of the DRT vehicle

  • ask for assistance loading and unloading your luggage into the vehicle (if it is under 20 kg)

  • travel with an assistance animal if needed

  • travel in an accessible DRT vehicle if needed

  • give feedback about the DRT service

DRT driver responsibilities

DRT drivers must:

  • be polite to passengers, the public and other road users

  • give reasonable help to passengers getting in or out of the DRT vehicle

  • help load and unload the passengers’ luggage if it is not unreasonably heavy

  • not drive while tired

  • not be under the influence of a drug that affects driving ability, including medication

  • have a blood alcohol level of zero

  • not smoke in the DRT vehicle

  • display their driver authorisation

  • be medically fit at all times when driving

  • arrange other suitable transport for passengers if they can’t complete the journey

Seatbelts and restraints

All DRT vehicles are fitted with seatbelts but do not carry child restraints. If your child requires a child restraint you must provide your own. DRT drivers are trained to fit child restraints properly.

DRT drivers are responsible for ensuring customers are wearing seatbelts or restrained, if they are:

  • aged between seven and 15 years

  • aged less than seven years, if a suitable child restraint is available. 

DRT drivers are not responsible for ensuring customers are wearing seatbelts if they are:

  • aged 16 years or older 

  • aged less than seven (7) years and no suitable child restraint is available – and the child is not in the front seat (if the vehicle has two or more rows of seats). 

Customers travelling in a DRT vehicle must wear a fastened seatbelt at all times. Only ONE person is permitted per seat belt position regardless of their age.

Customers aged 16 years and older who fail to wear a fastened seatbelt while travelling in a DRT vehicle may be fined and accumulate demerit points.

Animals on DRT services

Only assistance animals are permitted on DRT services - these include guide, hearing or assistance dogs that are trained and registered in accordance with the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009, as well as animals that meet the assistance animal requirements as outlined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Guide, hearing and assistance dogs must wear a coat or harness and have a badge that identifies them as an assistance dog.

Passengers travelling with animals are responsible for providing proof that their animal is specifically trained to give them help in relation to their disability. Failure to do so may result in refusal to carry the animal. Assistance animals must be appropriately restrained at all times.

Where animals are not registered guide, hearing or assistance dogs, but do provide assistance to the passenger to alleviate the effects of their disability, a passenger must register their animal and submit an application to TransLink for a TransLink Assistance Animal card.

Travelling with luggage, bags and other items

  • Passengers can travel with a maximum of one large item, including a suitcase (maximum of 20kg), pram, stroller, shopping bag with wheels, or fold up bike (90cm x 70cm x 36cm), and one small bag each. All large items must be disclosed at the time of booking (over the phone).

  • Passengers can travel with a small amount of groceries or smaller items, but this is restricted to a reasonable amount you can carry on your lap without causing a nuisance to other passengers (approximately 2 bags).

  • Motorised scooters are permitted on a DRT service but must be disclosed at the time of booking (over the phone) in order for an accessible vehicle to be despatched. Scooter users must transfer to a seat in the DRT vehicle while traveling.

  • Passengers must take full responsibility for the items they bring onto a DRT service, including the place in which the items are stored, and removing the items when disembarking the service.

  • Large shopping items (exceeding a reasonable amount you can carry on your lap) are not permitted on a DRT service.

​Lost Property

  • If you leave any property on a DRT vehicle, please call us on 13 11 90 to lodge a lost property report.

  • If you request the driver make a return trip to your address to return the items, you may be charged a return item fee. 

  • If you accidentally remove items from the DRT that are not yours, and the driver is required to make a return trip to your address to collect the items, you may be charged a return item fee.

Service Disruption

In the event of major traffic disruptions, extreme weather events, natural disasters, industrial disputes and other incidents beyond our control, TransLink cannot guarantee that all DRT services will run as scheduled.

In these circumstances, we will try our best to deliver all booked services, ensuring that we notify customers of any changes to schedule or cancellations as soon as possible.