Service capacity 

Coming soon - our new service capacity tracker!

This tool will give you detailed service capacity information, so you can see the busiest times to travel on your SEQ route or service. Check back on Monday 7 December to find out more. 

In the meantime, we'll continue to share SEQ patronage data and trends from the previous week.

Last week's wrap-up (updated 01/12/2020)

This is to help you make informed choices about the services you use and the times you travel, to enable social distancing where possible.

  • More people are returning to the network, however patronage was down 33% last week compared to the same period last year. 
  • 90% of services in SEQ are less than half full. 
  • Monday and Friday were the quietest weekdays to travel.
  • The busiest times to travel by mode were:
Mode AM PM
Train 6am - 8am 4pm - 6pm
Bus 7am - 8am 2pm - 4pm
Brisbane ferries 7am - 9am 3pm - 6pm
SMBI ferries 7am - 8am 2pm - 5pm
Tram 7am - 9am 4pm - 5pm

Service updates

  • All services continue to run as scheduled
  • We're extending selected additional bus services until 25 June 2021 
  • Rear door boarding on buses unless you need to use the front door due to accessibility or other requirements.
  • Cashless payments – all South East Queensland services are only accepting pre-paid tickets, such as go card.