Jill and Rod at the beach

"I’ve been a part of different Surf Clubs since I was a kid. Now I take the boys to local Nippers. It’s so much easier to catch the bus. I just chuck a change of clothes in the bag, make sure we all have our go cards, and away we go.

I don't have to worry about finding a park, plus, kids travel free on the weekend! That's a win!

We catch the 628 just up the street from our place. I’ve downloaded the app, so we can see when the bus is arriving. The kids love watching on the screen when the bus is coming,  and having info in real time is handy. I reckon it’s good to get them used to catching public transport too. That way they’ll have that independence when they’re teenagers and want to come into town and hang out with their mates."

Route: 628

Ticket type: Adult go card for Michael, Child go card for the kids

Address: Juron St, Noosaville